Guidance Through the Assessment Process
ASSESSMENT The first step in the special education process is assessment of your child's particular needs. Jayne can navigate you through the process, directing you toward the most effective assessment.
INTERPRETATION With more than 25 years as a Special Educator and Advocate, Jayne help you understand what your records tell about your child's needs. She can evaluate the effectiveness of your current programs, and recommend which options to explore.

Understanding the Special Education Process
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER There is a complex maze of special education regulations. With Jayne's guidance, you can make these work for your child.
BE AN EQUAL PARTICIPANT Jayne will help you work effectively with your school both by advocating on your child's behalf, and by showing you how to do it for yourself. Get the most for your child by learning how to effectively disagree and when to show appreciation.

Effective IEPs
CUSTOMIZED DOCUMENT The Individual Education Program (IEP) is a legal contract outlining the path for your child. Jayne will work with you and your entire Special Education Team to design the specialized program that your child deserves.
UNDERSTANDING THE IEP When you understand the rules and regulations of the IEP, you will be able to maximize your input at Team meetings. She can help your child's teachers and therapists actualize the goals of the IEP.

Positive Advocacy for Your Child
INDEPENDENT VOICE Jayne will get to know your developing child over time. She'll serve as an independent voice that conveys your own desires for your child. By working closely with you to interpret your information, Jayne enables you to make the decisions that feel you.
YOUR ALLY Jayne will serve as your link to special education professional and programs. She will support you and your child, as well as create a collaborative spirit among all Team members. She will review IEP's and work with you to make changes that reflect what your child needs to succeed in school. Jayne can guide you through the assessment process